Driving lights, batteries & sound systems installed in Alice Springs

If you have a query about your vehicle’s electrics AutoSparky in Alice Springs has the answer. Our experienced team have a wealth of knowledge about air-conditioners, sound systems and long-range driving lights and more! Read through our FAQ below and give us a call if you’d like advice on a topic not covered below.

In most cases, yes. As long as we can fit hardware to support the lights then the electrical connection is no problem. At AutoSparky, we usually fit long range driving lights to nudge bars and bull bars.

Your vehicle’s air-conditioning system needs to be serviced from time to time to ensure it remains in peak condition. As your vehicle ages, hoses and seals tend to break down due, in part, to extreme under-bonnet temperatures. A regular air-conditioning inspection and service will allow us to repair or replace any damaged parts, and prevent harmful refrigeration gasses from leaking into the environment.

Air conditioning gas is not consumed by the system but is actually a refrigerant. If your vehicle’s air conditioner is low on refrigerant gas it has most likely developed a leak. We can diagnose the problem and give you a quote for its repair.

When you book your vehicle in for an air-conditioner service we will change the filter and refrigerant, check the condition of the refrigerant oil, thermostats and drive belt, and adjust as necessary. Most vehicles should have their air-conditioning system serviced every 1–2 years.

Yes, it is important to maintain the electrolyte level in your vehicle’s battery by topping it up with distilled water. Over time, the water in the battery will evaporate with use. Check the water indicator on the side of the battery and if it is low, refill it with distilled or demineralised water. If your battery requires frequent topping up, then there may be a fault in the electrical system. Give us a call or bring your vehicle in to our Alice Springs workshop and one of our auto-electricians will take a look at it.
Yes, we can. We stock a range of quality sound systems and accessories including adaptors and amplifiers to improve your standard manufacturer-fitted sound system. Or we can retrofit a brand new sound system if you prefer. Call or visit us in store to discuss.